Public transportation companies of Ontario provide residents with a reliable and for the most part, safe service using trains, buses, subways, and street-cars. Because of the high volume of people using public transit in the province, accidents do happen; when transit riders suffer injuries, it is important to speak to a personal injury lawyer and protect your rights.

The nature of public transit accident claims is very complex, which makes it very difficult to submit a successful claim for compensation. Not every legal representative is up to the task of representing injured transit riders. The professionals at KPC Injury Law have successfully won cases against major companies such as the TTC and GO Transit and can help you and your loved ones if they were injured on operator property or while being passengers in one of their vehicles. Often times, victims are confused as to what their rights are when it comes to accidents involving public transportation. It is very important to protect your rights as soon as possible by speaking to a personal injury lawyer as early as possible.

If you have been injured as a result of a public transit accident in Ontario, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Some of KPC Injury Law staff has been previously employed by various legal teams at insurance companies, banks, public transportation companies, and government agencies. This vital experience gives us the edge over the competition and allows us to stay one step ahead of the opposing legal representatives.

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