It is very likely that people in your family know a dog owner or are dog owners themselves. These loyal pets have been human companions for centuries and have worked along humans performing various tasks from helping the blind to military and law enforcement functions.

Unfortunately, dog attacks are a common occurrence in the province of Ontario and can lead to extensive scarring, lacerations, nerve damage, and other injuries. Even though dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, they have to be properly trained and socialized in order to be the members of society that we want them to.

Ontario has laws in place that are designed to protect the general public from unintended dog attacks but primarily due to owner negligence, people fall victim to these unprovoked occurrences. KPC Injury Law has successfully represented victims of dog attacks from all over the province and has recovered substantial compensation for victims and their families.

If you have been attacked by a dog in Ontario and suffered injuries, you deserve compensation.

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