How To Take Advantage of Free Consultation With Car Accident Attorney?

Smart claimants work on learning the best questions to ask their attorney. Each of them should focus on obtaining the information that would benefit their own case to the greatest extent.

Things to consider before scheduling any consultation

Would you like to have a translator present, when you ask your questions? If so, then you should try to find an attorney that has access to a translator.

Is the attorney’s office close to public transportation? That would be an important consideration, if you were not able to drive to the attorney’s office.

Suggested questions for the consultation

• Have you handled other personal injury cases? How many?
• Have you handled other car accident cases? How many?
• Have you handled any other cases that were similar to mine?
• What successes have you achieved, when handling other car accident cases?
• What method do you use for communicating with your clients: phone calls, emails or face-to-face discussions?
• How frequently do you communicate with your clients?
• What steps should I take to protect my case? What evidence should I save?
• What will your role be?
• What damages can I seek?
• Will you accept a contingency fee as payment for your services?
• How do you expect your clients to help with covering the costs related to their case?

If the consulted attorney were to refuse to handle your case, then you ought to find out why.

—Do you seem to have a weak case?
—Is there a way that you could strengthen your case?
—Would you be wasting your time, if you were to consult with a different lawyer?

When you ask about whether or not you should consult another injury lawyer in Orangeville understand that several factors could influence the answer to that query. Some lawyers truly want to steer clients in the right direction. Others might believe that they know best, and no client could learn anything more from a different member of the legal community.

Not all professionals encourage the pursuit of a second opinion. Still, any professional would acknowledge the wisdom of someone that was well respected in the field. Keep that fact in mind, during any consultation.

Try to arrange your schedule, so that your consultation does not conflict with a given attorney’s obligations. You do not want to feel uncomfortable about your presence in the attorney’s office.

Try not to arrange for a consultation, if you are not certain that you can get to the attorney’s office. You do not want to cancel at the last minute. A lawyer’s time is valuable, and he or she does not want to set aside time for consulting with a possible client, if that scheduled time slot might suddenly become vacant.

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